Before Lee Dort and Noah Shelby head off to Vanderbilt University, the dynamic Team Trae Young duo is putting on a show at Greenhill School.

The senior duo led Greenhill to a 2-2 record at one of the most prestigious Pre-Christmas tournaments in the nation, The Tarkanian Classic in Las Vegas.

Texas-based Greenhill opened the tournament with a tough 64-62 loss to Salesian out of California, but Shelby shined in that effort, pouring in 38 points.

The next afternoon, Shelby and Dort combined to put Greenhill in the win column with a 58-47 victory over Evangel Christian from Kentucky. Shelby posted 22 more points in the win and Dort added 16 points and 10 rebounds.

Game 3 was another competitive contest, which Greenhill lost 73-69 to Pebblebrook out of Georgia, but Dort starred in that one, with 34 points and 17 rebounds. Shelby added 14 points and four assists.

Greenhill left Vegas on a high note with a win in the finale, 67-61 over St. Augustine. Shelby had 25 more points, while Dort stuffed the stat sheet with 14 points, 17 boards and five blocks.

Shelby finished the tournament with an average of 24.8 points per game and Rob Cassidy of wrote that Noah is playing in a way that should put him in the Top 100 at season’s end.

“There are lots of longer and more athletic guards in this class, but Shelby, who boasts a wing span beyond his height, can stand toe-to-toe with almost anyone from a skill standpoint, He’s equipped with a reliable jumper from deep and has thrived in the mid-range as of late.”

Dort, meanwhile, impressed Cassidy with his ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor.

“Simply put, Dort is an absolute grizzly bear of a man that is a legit game-changer on the defensive end and the glass. He’s improving as an offensive weapon and polishing some low-post moves but his true value is dominating the glass and altering shots….He impressed onlookers with a few emphatic dunks but the impact he made doing the dirty work is what set him apart from other bigs.”