Nothing says you’ve made it to the NBA’s elite, quite like the introduction of a signature shoe.

On Friday, October 1, adidas made a childhood dream come true for Trae Young when it released the Trae Young 1 and Trae Young collection.

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“Trae embodies the mentality of limitless potential,” adidas Basketball general manager Eric Wise said.” He continues to prove critics wrong and create new space for himself and the game.”

The first edition of the Trae Young 1 nods to Trae’s roots and one of his favorite post-practice treats: ICEEs. Available in iced out blue and white, or cotton candy pink, they’re the perfect fit for Ice Trae himself.

The Trae Young 1 includes not only nods to Trae’s youth roots, but also the roots he’s put down in the city of Atlanta. To do that right, Trae and adidas collaborated with the one and only Jermaine Dupri.

“My shoes all have different types of ties to Atlanta,” Trae said. “I think it’s only right to have it this way, especially as it is my first shoe — playing out here and them showing me so much love. Having a collab with JD was an honor. The city means a lot to me. I try to represent it the best way I can. I know that every time I step out of my house, I’m representing Atlanta in some way. I just got to continue to make the city proud.”

With that in mind, Trae and the team at adidas spent months making sure the signature shoe was the right fit, literally and figuratively. So fans can expect that the Trae 1 won’t slow them, or Trae, down in the least.

“Making a shoe is a long process. You got to be quiet for a long time, but really a fun process too. You get to bring your ideas to life and they make it happen,” he said. “For me, it comes down to comfort. Some shoes when you play, you really can’t cut and run. I’m a fast player, so I like to run fast. If my shoes aren’t comfortable, it’s really going to be hard for me to play. It really comes down to the bottom, that it’s comfortable when I step and walk.”

Along with his signature shoe, adidas also released some fly fits, including tees, hoodies and a track suit that’s Trae’s personal fave of the collection.

“I like the whole jumpsuit and fit. From the pants to the shorts.”

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