When you live in Texas and the Des Moines Register is dedicating feature articles to your recruitment, things must be going pretty well.

That’s the situation right now for Team Trae Young’s 6’5″ Rylan Griffen (17U), who as club director Rayford Young put it on Twitter, is “having a big summer.”

In addition to being recruited by Iowa State (the subject of the Register’s story), Griffen has reportedly also had offers from Cal, North Carolina State, Arizona, Georgia and Mississippi State.

It’s been a whirlwind for Griffen, whose performances this past week at Adidas’ 3SSB event earned him a fair amount of attention, including on social media.

The Register described his performance this way:

Griffen showed a consistent ability to beat his man off the dribble with a quick first step at the Adidas 3SSB Boys’ Championship. His length would take over after that, using long strides and long arms to slash his way to the basket.

Or, he would stop on a dime and pull up for a midrange jumper.

That’s what he did Sunday, when his buzzer-beating midrange jumper gave Team Trae Young a 75-74 win over a stacked Team Loaded Virginia.

“He’s elite in his midrange game,” Team Trae Young coach George Clay said. “And he’s a competitor. He always competes.”